Former President Trump becomes a big threat to American democracy, Biden government may fall!

Washington. When former US President Donald Trump was losing in the last presidential election in America, he had made a fabricated allegation of fraud in the election. He was not ready to leave the White House and even after the results of the elections, he did not accept his defeat. He was in a coup attempt with the Vice President, the Justice Department and his Republican Party in US legislators to stay in power.

America’s senior journalist and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas L. Friedman says that the entire Republican group shamelessly bowed down to Trump in these wrongdoings. They are all participants of the biggest political sin.
Friedman points out that the acts of the Republican Party exposed (such as bogus audits, false allegations, etc.) left no doubt that America’s experiment of 245 years in democracy is in dire straits. At the same time, Republican leader and Wyoming lawmaker Liz Cheney is ready to risk re-election by constantly calling Donald Trump a threat to democracy. She has stood against the party.

Will Democrats come forward to save democracy?
Friedman asks: Will Democrats be able to take the same risk of saving the country as Liz Cheney cares about American democracy by rising above the party? He said, “When one party (Republican Party) becomes hypocritical in a two-party system, the other has to act. Democrats must do three things at once: advance their agenda, protect the integrity of the elections, and prevent the Trump-following Republican Party from coming to power again. This is a huge job.

…otherwise Trump will return to the White House
According to the senior journalist, all the Democrats together should prepare the necessary majority in the Senate and Parliament for the Infrastructure Bill, Voter Rights Bill and the ‘Build Back Better’ law. For this, the Moderates and Progressive Democrats will have to compromise. If these big bills don’t pass, the Biden government falls, and Trump’s Republicans recapture parliament and the Senate and bring Trump to the White House, then there will be no chance.

And is Biden’s White House really ready to settle under all the pressure? These bills can bring a lot of energy to the public, which should not be called just social reform, but its concrete things should be highlighted such as home care for the sick and the elderly, cheap medicines, clean energy etc. Also, the White House will have to campaign not only among urban Democrats, but also among rural Republicans.

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