Former President Trump and his aides sued in US Parliament attack case

Washington. Former President Donald Trump’s troubles may increase in the case of the attack on America’s Parliament on January 6. Seven Capitol Police officers have filed a lawsuit against Trump and his aides. It has accused Trump, about 20 members of far-right extremist groups and political organizations of conspiring to disrupt the process of peaceful transfer of power.

The lawsuit was filed in Washington DC’s district court on Thursday. In this, apart from members of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers militias, Trump’s aides such as Roger Stone have also been charged. Three more such cases have already been registered regarding the attack on Parliament. But in the trial filed on Thursday, for the first time, Trump has been accused of colluding with extremist organizations and political organizations to spread his baseless lies after his election defeat. Trump provoked his supporters about the election results.

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On January 6, supporters of the then President Trump attacked the Parliament complex called the Capitol. At the time of the attack, the process of stamping the victory of Joe Biden was going on in Parliament. Democracy was taken hostage during the riot which lasted for about four hours. During this there was fierce vandalism and firing. Five people were killed in the police action. Trump instigated supporters by accusing him of rigging the presidential election held on November 3 last year. Trump had to face defeat at the hands of Biden in the election.

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