For the first time in America, a woman completed the toughest naval training, only 35% of the applicants are able to complete it

Washington. For the first time in America, a woman sailor has completed a naval training course to become a Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman (SWCC). The training of this course is of 37 weeks. However, the name of this female sailor has not been made public under Pentagon policy. According to US Navy officials, the contingent who completed the SWCC course consisted of 17 graduates. Only 35 percent of the total applicants for this course are able to complete it. Rear Admiral HW Howard, Commander of the US Naval Special Warfare Command, said: “Being the first woman to take the course through the Naval Special Warfare Training Pipeline is an extraordinary achievement and we are proud of our teammates.

So far, a total of 18 women have applied to become SWCC or SEAL. 14 of them were unable to complete the course. Training of three is going on now. In this course, applicants are made experts in weapons and navigation. They are also taught how to drop their speedboats into the sea from cargo planes. Parachute jumping training is also included in this. After completing this course, a way also opens for the training program of Navy SEALs. In 2016, women were allowed to work in combat roles in the US.

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The completion of the SWCC course is also 72 hours. This is called a tour. There is a test of both physical and mental in this. During this, 23 hours of running and 5 miles (8 km) of swimming are to be done in a challenging environment.

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