Flight resumed in New Orleans after Hurricane Ida, electricity service also restored

new Orleans. Power supply has been restored in New Orleans, Louisiana’s largest city, after the powerful Hurricane Ida hit the US four days ago. However, many cities in Louisiana still face shortages of electricity, drinking water and fuel needed for relief and rescue operations. Heavy devastation has been seen in New Orleans due to storm and rain. At least 45 people are reported dead from Maryland to Connecticut. At the same time, 13 people have died in New York City, out of which 11 people have died due to water entering the ground floor apartment.

Compared to many cities in Louisiana, New Orleans did the rescue and relief work better. This is the reason that power was restored in most neighborhoods of New Orleans City this morning. Utility crews have restored power to several hospitals near Jefferson Parish and Baton Rouge. Trees and debris that fell on the road have been completely cleared and some shops have been reopened. The city’s main airport has been reopened for commercial flights for the first time since the storm. Officials said Delta was the first airline to fly on Friday.

Louisiana officials said at least 95% of customers in seven of the cities were without electricity on Thursday. According to the poweroutage.us website, only 35,000 of the 450,000 homes and businesses in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish had access to electricity on Thursday morning, while about 900,000 customers across the state were without electricity.

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The National Hurricane Center (NHC) reported that Louisiana was a Category 3 hurricane. During this time, winds were blowing at a speed of 111 to 129 mph. This is the reason that a lot of damage has been seen in Louisiana. The NHC said, ‘Well-built houses have also suffered major damage. Trees have fallen on the roads and the power supply has come to a complete standstill.

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