Fierce collision of plane and helicopter in America’s sky, 2 killed, VIDEO came to the fore

Chandler.A plane and a helicopter collided in the sky near the Arizona Airport in America (Helicopter-Plane Collision). Two people have died in this accident. After this collision, the helicopter crashed near a field. Both the passengers aboard were killed. After the collision, the small single-engined plane landed safely. The flight instructor and trainee pilot aboard came out safely.

According to Police Sergeant Jason McLemons, the accident happened in the city of Chandler on Friday. He said no one on the ground was injured, but the airport remained closed for several hours. Chandler’s fire department received information about the accident near the airport at 8 a.m. Fire officials said that the helicopter caught fire after the accident, but it was soon brought under control.

Two bodies recovered from the wreckage of the helicopter
Firefighters pulled out two bodies from the rubble. Maricopa County’s medical department will identify both bodies. According to McLemons of Chandler Police, the helicopter was operated by Quantum Helicopter and the aircraft was operated by ‘Flight Operations Academy’. Both are flight training schools. Richard Bengoa, owner of the Flight Operations Academy, said the four-seater aircraft is used for training flights. There were only two people on board the plane at the time of the incident. The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the cause of the accident.

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