Explained: 50% of the population has been vaccinated, masks are also mandatory, then why are corona cases increasing in America?

Washington. In the United States, cases of Coronavirus have started increasing again these days. On Saturday, the number of new cases of corona infection (Covid 19) in America has crossed 100,000. Due to this the situation is getting more worrying there. These days the delta variant of the corona virus is also considered very dangerous in America.

According to data collected by John Hopkins University and Bloomberg, the number of corona virus infections has crossed 750,000 on Friday. This is the highest weekly increase since February. On Friday, the weekly corona virus cases have increased by 135,000 in Florida alone.

Health officials fear in this regard that if the American people do not promote vaccination, then the figures of corona cases, deaths and hospitalizations will continue to increase like this. Talking about the whole country, so far 50 percent of the citizens in America have got both doses of the vaccine. With this, more than 70 percent of the youth have had at least one dose of the vaccine.

low vaccination
The White House said on Friday that half of the US population has had both doses of the Kovid-19 vaccine. This means that more than 165 million people have received either the two-dose Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or the Johnson & Johnson dose. However, the report also states that less vaccination is being done in some states.

The CDC says that 41% of hospitalized patients nationwide are from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky, which is more than twice their population ratio. Alabama and Mississippi have the lowest vaccination rates in the country. According to the Mayo Clinic, less than 35% of residents have been fully vaccinated. Georgia, Tennessee and Carolina are all in the lowest 15 states.

Florida accounts for more than 20 percent of the total new corona cases and hospitalizations in the country. This is three times its population. In many rural areas the vaccination rate is less than 40%, in the state it is 49%. On Saturday, 23,903 new cases of corona have come in Florida, this was a record.

Delta variants continue to be a threat
America has now reported more than 1 lakh cases of corona infection daily. This increase has been attributed to the highly contagious delta variant. According to the CDC, delta variants accounted for between 80 percent and 87 percent of all US COVID-19 cases in the last 2 weeks of July. From 8 per cent to 14 per cent at the beginning of June. The cases of the variant have increased from an average of 13,500 daily cases for 7 days in early June to 92,000 on 3 August.

A large number of American children are coming under the grip of the Delta variant, causing renewed concern for parents as well as political war. Because soon there is talk of opening schools in America too. Most of the corona cases are concentrated in the southeastern state of Florida. Experts at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington are estimating that the COVID-19 peak in the US could reach 450,000 daily cases.

Top American scientist Anthony Fauci said on August 1 that despite the increased cases of Kovid-19 from the delta variant, there is no possibility of imposing a lockdown in the US yet.

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