Elon Musk’s company created history, sent 4 common people to space by rocket

Washington. SpaceX, the company of American businessman Elon Musk, made history. SpaceX sent 4 common people into space for the first time at 5:33 am Indian time. The Falcon-9 rocket was launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Research Center in Florida. About 12 minutes later, the Dragon capsule separated from the rocket. This capsule will orbit the Earth for three days at an altitude of 357 miles i.e. about 575 kilometers.

Man has reached such a height for the first time since 2009. In May 2009, scientists went to an altitude of 541 km to repair the Hubble Telescope. The International Space Station (ISS) is frequented by astronauts, but it is at an altitude of 408 kilometers. This mission has been named Inspiration 4.

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This SpaceX flight is powered by a Falcon 9 rocket. By sending such a team on a space mission, an attempt is being made to signal that space is now opening up to all. Billionaire businessman Jared Isaacman is behind this project.

Jared Isaacman hired the entire mission at his own expense and then invited three unnamed people to accompany him. A unique selection process was adopted to select his co-travellers.

What is the purpose of this mission?
The purpose of this mission is to raise funding for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee, USA. Isaacman, who is leading the mission, wants to raise $ 200 million from this. He himself will give half of this amount. Cancer awareness will also be increased through this mission. Different human values ​​have been given to the members of the mission. Such as Leadership, Hope, Inspiration and Prosperity. A member of the mission, she is also a Physician Assistant at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and a cancer survivor. He was treated for cancer in this hospital.

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These people are in capsules
1- The entire command of the mission is in the hands of Jared Isaacman. He is the founder and CEO of a payments company called Shift4Payments. Isaacman is a professional pilot and trains pilots of the US Air Force through his pilot training company.

2- Haylie Arcanoe is a cancer survivor. Hayley, 29, is the youngest American citizen to go into space. He had bone cancer and was treated at St. Jude’s Hospital in Tennessee.

3- Shaun Procter, 51, is a professor of geology at a college in Arizona. Before this, she has participated in NASA’s space program many times.

4- 42-year-old Chris Sambroski has been a US Air Force pilot and was also involved in the Iraq War. Chris is currently working with aerospace and defense manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

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