Effect of Jharkhand government’s initiative, Maoist rewarded 25 lakh surrendered

Jharkhand The efforts of the government to bring back the Maoists in the mainstream have started showing positive effect. In Daltonganj, a prominent Maoist leader surrendered before the police on Thursday. He was wanted in 77 criminal cases and had a reward of Rs 25 lakh on him.

Immediately after surrendering, a check of Rs 25 lakh was handed over to Maoist Kamlesh Kumar Ganjhu alias Birsai. He was very active in Jharkhand, Bihar and Chhattisgarh. Apart from this, a big Maoist leader Veti Rama also surrendered before the Bastar police in Chhattisgarh. While Birsai surrendered unarmed, Rama also handed over an INSAS rifle to the police. Rama was involved in a vehicle blast in Kistaram in March, in which nine CRPF personnel were killed.

Birsai was a member of the Special Area Committee (SAC) of the Maoists. He called Palamu DIG (Police) Vipul Shukla. Surrendered before DIG (CRPF) J Pal and Commissioner MK Jha.

Now there is no terror in Bastar as before, development has started

Officials said that Birsai was involved in 33 cases in Garhwa district. Apart from this, 44 cases were going on him in Latehar, Jharkhand. Birsai belongs to Latehar district. He is the second largest Maoist in the state, having returned to the mainstream after surrendering. Earlier in June 2017, another Maoist had surrendered. Rama was associated with the Maoists for 23 years. He had a reward of Rs 8 lakh on his head. He was the alternate president of the Konta Divisional Committee of the rebels.

Jharkhand government’s initiative started showing effect

Significantly, recently the Jharkhand government has taken several steps to make surrender and rehabilitation policy attractive and easy for Maoists. In the month of June, the state cabinet approved the proposals of the Home Department. According to the new policy, the families of the surrendered Maoists will get all the facilities like ordinary citizens. Apart from this, if he is killed in the encounter, then his families will also be given increased compensation.

Purpose of new surrender policy

The motive behind making the surrender policy easy and attractive is to motivate the Maoists to give up violence and bring them back into the mainstream. According to cabinet secretary S KJ Rahaate, “If a Maoist is killed in an encounter, his family members will be given a government job besides compensation.”

Not only this, the Jharkhand government has taken several steps to make surrender and rehabilitation policy attractive and easy for the Maoists. To provide employment opportunities to them, instead of Rs 2 lakh under the loan, Rs 4 lakh will now be given. Apart from giving the amount mentioned in the surrender policy, it has also been said to give other exemptions. The amount to be paid as per the new policy is as follows-

1. Maoists (Grade A) of Zonal Commander and above will be given Rs.6 lakh immediately on surrender before the police.

2. Maoists (Grade B) below the Zonal Commander will be given Rs 3 lakh.

Earlier, they were given Rs 5 lakh and Rs 2.5 lakh respectively. Apart from this, the amount given to the children of Maoists for education has been increased from Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000.

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