Do not regret the withdrawal of US troops, Afghans will have to fight Taliban themselves: Biden

Washington. US President Joe Biden has categorically denied the possibility of any change on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Biden said, ‘I have no regrets about the decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. Afghan leaders and people will have to fight the Taliban themselves for their country. This is their struggle.

US President Joe Biden has ordered the withdrawal of all US troops from the war-torn country of Afghanistan by August 31. The Pentagon said that more than 90 percent of the soldiers have returned home from there so far.

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we lost thousands of american soldiers
US President Joe Biden said, ‘We have lost thousands of American soldiers. Afghan leaders have to come together. They have to fight for themselves and the country. We will continue with our commitments, but I do not regret my decision (on pulling out the army from Afghanistan). The Taliban is taking over large parts of Afghanistan.

spent more than a thousand billion dollars
Biden was asked by reporters at the White House whether any changes could be made to the current schedule for the withdrawal of troops, to which he said, ‘No’. Biden continued, ‘Look, we spent more than a thousand billion dollars in more than twenty years. The Afghan forces trained more than 300,000 soldiers, provided logistical support. Afghan leaders have to come together. Thousands of our soldiers were injured, thousands were killed. They will have to fight their own battle, fight for their country.

Taliban captured the highway built by India, Pakistan sent fighters for help

Biden said, “We will keep our promises such as providing airfield support, seeing that their air force is able to function properly, supplying food and equipment to their forces and paying all their salaries, etc., but fighting them.” Will happen. Their number is more than the Taliban. (with agency input)

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