Did Joe Biden fall asleep during the meeting with the Israeli PM? VIDEO viral on social media

New Delhi. Controversy erupted after a video of United States President Joe Biden purportedly ‘sleeping’ during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett went viral on social media. A related meeting was held between the two world leaders at the White House on Friday (August 27). The meeting was earlier scheduled to take place on Thursday, but was postponed after the suicide bombing of Afghanistan’s Kabul airport killed 13 American soldiers. This is Naftali’s first US visit after becoming prime minister.

After the video quickly went viral on social media, Republican leaders and social media users started speculating whether US President Joe Biden was actually sleeping during the meeting. EHA News tweeted, ‘US President Joe Biden falls asleep during a press conference with Naftali Bennett. While Biden was sleeping, Bennett continued to talk.

Political strategist Chuck Calesto emphasized, “Joe Biden was found sleeping during a high-level meeting with the new Israeli prime minister, Naftali Bennett… during which Israeli Prime Minister Naftali looked directly at the US president as if he were in disbelief …”

One Twitter user, JD Sharp, criticized Joe Biden for allegedly sleeping during a meeting with the United States’ biggest ally, Israel. With this, he said, ‘The 25th amendment should be initiated by Kamala Harris and immediately ratified by Congress.’ Let us tell you that the 25th Amendment allows the Vice-President to play his role in the case of the President’s death, resignation or removal from office. Such a decision must also be passed by a majority in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Arizona State Republican Senator Wendy Rogers mocked the US President and said, ‘While we cried, Joe Biden fell asleep.’

However, according to CNN reporter Daniel Dale, the video of Joe Biden purportedly sleeping during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is ‘nonsense’. He had shared the link of the video in which it can be seen that the US President was actively participating in the meeting.

In the video, Joe Biden was seen talking, looking at Naftali Bennett and just lowering his head when the Israeli PM started speaking. After this, the US President also showed his readiness in answering the Israeli Prime Minister. Biden was nicknamed ‘Sleepy Joe’ by former US President Donald Trump.

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