Devendra Fadnavis resigns, what are the options left with the Governor other than President’s rule?

New Delhi. Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis on Friday resigned from the post of Chief Minister after talks between the BJP and Shiv Sena regarding government formation remained inconclusive. He submitted his resignation to the Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari. Maharashtra Assembly Friday is the last day of his term. After the resignation of Fadnavis, the role of Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari has become the most important. In such a situation, what the governor takes next, all eyes will be on it. The question is arising whether President’s rule is the last option with the Governor or is there any other way left. Along with this, will he wait amidst efforts to form the government or can he take some other decision?

final way to form government
Even after the election results, if no political party is claiming to form the government, then the governor can meet the leaders of all the parties. He can, according to his discretion, invite the leader of the legislature party of any party to form the government (usually the largest party is invited by the governor to form the government). After this, he can give up to 30 days to prove the majority to the new government.

Choice of Acting Chief Minister
If the governor wants, he can take more time for the formation of the popular government. In such a situation, he can try to form a new government while keeping Devendra Fadnavis as caretaker Chief Minister. In such a situation, the caretaker Chief Minister will not have administrative and financial powers. However, Fadnavis has resigned on Friday. The tenure of the Legislative Assembly is fixed for five years in the Constitution, but there is no limit on the tenure as the caretaker Chief Minister. However, there is little hope that the governor should choose this option.

Devendra Fadnavis resigned from the post of Chief Minister.

can ask to choose the leader of the house
If the governor wants, he can call a meeting of the legislature party and ask him to choose the leader of the house and whoever is elected as the leader of the house can administer the oath of office to the chief minister. But there will be a crisis of trust vote in front of such a government. Because there will be many options while choosing the leader of the house, but when the opportunity comes to prove majority, then there will be only three options like being with the government, being in opposition and walking out of the house.

President’s Rule of Last Option
The Governor has the last option of President’s rule. If they want, keeping the assembly suspended, they can send a proposal to the central government to impose President’s rule in the state. The way the Governor held a meeting with officials like the Advocate General and Chief Secretary of the state in the past, there are indications that President’s rule may be imposed in the state.

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