Debate started over gift in Godbharai, host shot 3 people

People organize parties to include others in their happiness. It is said that happiness increases by sharing. For this reason, people call their acquaintances from birthdays to wedding functions. On getting the invitation, people also reach to participate in the happiness of others. Many people take gifts on these occasions. This is a gesture, which people adopt. But have you ever seen a case of killing each other due to Man Shot Guests Over Presents Argument?

A couple from America had a party in the joy of becoming their parents. This function of baby shower was in Pennsylvania. But in this baby shower, such a fight started over the gifts that the host opened fire on the three guests who came (Dad To Be Shoots 3 Guests At Baby Shower). According to the police, 25-year-old Isiah J. Hampton accused a woman of carrying gifts around at his wife’s baby shower. After this the woman slapped him. After the argument started from here, three people jumped in the middle, on which the accused opened fire.

fired indiscriminately
According to the news of local media TribLive, he did not argue with the three people who shot Hampton. There was an argument with some other woman and she fired at some other guest. A 23-year-old man, a 19-year-old woman and a 16-year-old boy were among those injured in the attack. All three were immediately taken to the hospital where doctors took out a bullet from their body.

dad to be shot guests

police arrested
After the attack, the injured were first taken to the hospital. From there the police came to the scene. By then Hampton was present there. The police arrested him. After a court hearing, Hampton has been sent to jail where he has been asked to pay a $2.5 million bond. People are shocked by this case coming to the fore. With which woman Hampton had an argument, it has not been revealed.

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