COVID-19: Corona’s most dangerous R.1 variant found in America, have to be cautious

New Delhi. The threat of corona is seen increasing once again around the world. Corona cases are increasing rapidly in many countries. This is the reason that a warning of the third wave of Coronavirus has been issued in India too. In the midst of rising new cases of Corona, scary news has come out from America. Actually, the most dangerous R.1 variant of Corona has been identified in America. The patients of this new variant may be very less now, but its risk has now increased in countries around the world.

More than one and a half years have passed since the corona infection worldwide. Till now lakhs of people have died due to corona virus. During the second wave of Corona, there was a lot of devastation in India and now once again new variants of Corona have intensified the beating of countries around the world. The team of experts studying the coronavirus has now warned people about a new and very dangerous variant. Researchers have recently identified a new variant R.1 of Corona in America.

Experts have said that even though the cases of this new variant of corona are very less, but there is a need to stay away from it. According to experts, based on the way the nature of this variant has been seen, we can say that it can be quite contagious.

What is the new variant of Corona R.1
According to the report released by experts, the new variant R.1 of Corona is not a new variant. This variant was detected in Japan last year. Now this variant is knocking in other countries as well. So far, patients related to this infection have been reported in about 35 countries including the United States. According to the report, more than 10,000 people worldwide have become victims of this variant.

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