Common citizens returned to earth after traveling in space, ‘SpaceX’ landed safely in the sea

Florida. ‘SpaceX’, which left with four people to orbit the Earth for three days, has successfully landed on Earth after orbiting the Earth. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon rocket, which took off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, has also successfully landed in the ocean.

According to information received from SpaceX, after orbiting the Earth for three days, SpaceX’s Dragon safely landed the four astronauts in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.

This is the first time that no one in a rocket has been a professional astronaut. Two men and two women in SpaceX’s Dragon capsule spent three days orbiting the globe from an orbit 100 miles (160 kilometers) above the International Space Station.
The flight was led by Jared Isaacman, 38. Jared is the Executive Manager of Shift4 Payments Inc. Besides them, cancer-recovered Hayley Arsinaux (29), sweepstakes winner Chris Sambrowski (42) and Sean Proctor, 51, a community college teacher in Arizona, were part of the flight.

Arsinaux is the youngest American to go into space, as well as the first person to go into space with a prosthesis. A titanium rod is lying in his left leg. SpaceX’s ‘Crew Dragon Capsule’ carrying four people left for space on Thursday morning from ‘Kennedy Space Center’ in Florida, US.

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