CIA had hatched a conspiracy to kill Julian Assange, was preparing to shoot the tire of the plane – report

Washington. During the tenure of former US President Donald Trump, the Central Investigation Agency (CIA) hatched a conspiracy to kill Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. This has been revealed in an investigative report by Yahoo News. In this report, 30 former US officials were interviewed. In the year 2017, it was being speculated that Assange might try to escape from London to Russia. America had prepared that if they tried to escape, then CIA agents could also shoot the tires of the plane.

WikiLeaks leaked US intelligence reports
In 2016, Assange’s WikiLeaks leaked several CIA intelligence and confidential reports. It is counted among the biggest leaks in CIA history. Even in 2017, WikiLeaks continued to leak files through the Vault-7 program after Trump became president. After this, the then CIA director Mike Pompeo hatched a conspiracy to kill or kidnap Assange.

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The plot was also inspired by the James Bond film
The plan to kill Assange was also inspired by the James Bond film. Under this, CIA agents had to crash the car carrying Assange with another car while firing on the streets of London. According to the former officer, British officials were also contacted for help in this plan, on which they had agreed.

Let us tell you that Assange was present in the Ecuadorian Embassy at that time. He is currently lodged in Belmarsh Prison in London. The US is fighting the extradition battle on charges of espionage.

WikiLeaks first leaked thousands of pages of documents from the US military and the CIA in 2010 detailing the CIA’s hacking techniques. In 2012, Assange took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Since then there has been controversy over Assange’s extradition. At that time, Barack Obama was the President of America and Joe Biden was the Vice President. The Obama administration believed that what Assange did was very much in line with the protections given to journalists in the US Constitution.

Hillary Clinton’s mail hacked in the 2016 presidential election
WikiLeaks also made a lot of headlines in the 2016 presidential election by hacking Hillary Clinton’s mail, many believe that the leak of these mails was a big reason for Hillary’s defeat. After this, in the year 2017, WikiLeaks leaked files related to the Trump administration under Vault 7, after which several criminal cases were filed against Assange.

There was an uproar over Trump’s secret book, the former president was telling the press secretary about his manhood

In this whole case, Assange’s lawyer Barry Pollack said, ‘As an American citizen, it is surprising to me that the government is planning to kidnap or kill a person without any judicial process. That too only because he kept the truth in front of the people.

Trump denies allegations
Former President Trump has called these claims false and baseless on the matter. He said that no such order was ever given from his side, in which there is mention of killing Assange. Rather, they feel that Assange has suffered a lot of bad treatment.

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