Chris who harassed me, show accountability in #MeToo era: Women journalists

New York. American TV Journalist and anchor of the well-known show Cuomo Prime Time Chris Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment. The woman who made this allegation is journalist Shelley Ross, who has written that now I have no complaints against Chris and I do not want to take away his job. It is time for #MeToo, at such a time Chris and his employers should show their accountability on this occasion. Shelley has expressed her anguish in an article written in the New York Times.

Female journalist Shelley Ross has referred to the 2005 incident. Chris Cuomo was a reporter in those days and Shelley used to be his boss. Shelley has told about the incident of a party, in which Chris Cuomo was also present. The party was organized by a colleague and Shelley went to it with her husband. Shelley has written that at this party, Chris Cuomo had touched her inappropriately on the pretext of greeting her with a hug. Along with this, Cuomo said that now I can do all this, because you are no longer my boss.

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Shelley said that I was shocked by this incident, I never thought that Cuomo could do such a disgusting act and that too in front of my husband. He pushed Cuomo away hard and shouted at him, “Beware, you can’t do this.” After this, Shelley, along with her husband, immediately returned from the party. After this incident, Cuomo sent an email to Shelley, in which he apologized to Shelley and her husband. He had said that I apologize to both of you for such an incident, I am extremely ashamed of the work I have done. A screenshot of this email, Shelley referred to in her article, reads ‘When I think about it… I feel ashamed…’

Chris’s brother was also accused, had to resign from the post of Governor of New York
Cuomo’s brother and former New York governor Andrew Cuomo has also been accused of sexual harassment and was forced to resign in August. Earlier this year, Chris created a sensation on his famous show by saying that he would not cover the allegations and sexual harassment scandal against his brother. Chris then publicly apologized in May, saying he was trying to save his brother.

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