China is giving competition to US, now Chinese experts may be deployed in CIA

Washington. The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency of America, ie CIA, William Burns has made a big statement about America’s sovereignty in the geopolitical field. Burns said in a detailed interview with NPR on Thursday- ‘America has to understand that it is no longer alone in the geographical and political field. He has to understand the power of China. CIA Director William Burns said the US intelligence service may now have to deploy Chinese specialists to compete effectively with Beijing.

In the interview, Burns said, ‘… I am still exploring possibilities to forward-deploy Chinese experts. Whether it is an operational officer, expert, analyst or technologist. We have to do this to make the rivalry more effective. Burns said that China is the biggest geopolitical challenge for America in the 21st century. He said that the technology sector is the biggest area of ​​competition between the two countries.

American soldiers admitted – we lost 100 percent of the war with Taliban, the purpose was not fulfilled

Concern expressed over growing influence of Taliban
On the issue of military deployment in Afghanistan, the CIA director said that the US still has significant capacity to gather information about terrorist groups in and around Afghanistan. Expressing concern over the growing influence of the Taliban after the withdrawal of US forces, Burns said the Taliban is probably in the strongest military position since 2001.

Said this thing about Russia
Speaking of geopolitical forces, Burns also commented on Russia’s wider influence. Burns indicated that the CIA suspects that Russia may be behind the “Havana Syndrome”, which is affecting the health of US diplomats in Cuba. However, he said that nothing can be said for sure about this yet.

Actually, recently American diplomats in Cuba, China and other countries have been affected by this. It is a mysterious neurological disease. According to the report of the National Academies of Sciences (NAS), this disease is probably caused by Directed Microwave Radiation. In this, the sick person has to hear strange sounds and his mind is not under control.

9 people in America accused of spying for China, were involved in this operation

Burns said that Russia may have a hand in Havana syndrome, but I cannot do anything about it right now. I don’t want to make suggestions until we can draw some more definite conclusions.

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