Chhattisgarhi special – name dharam sabo bar bane hi tahe nibhav hovat hai

Universe From the time of Nirman Nirman to the present day, the distinctions of the different types are new. All the living beings become their own mother, they act like they do, the world is moving, they are moving, ghalok, Utti, Burti, Rakshun, Bhandar and Agas-patal e tene disa ma jekar chalte tene hari controller. The people who share their love among all the people were not good enough. The inner work is going on. To tighten the pepper, the soul wanted to behave according to my life. Morech mor, torech tor kahiya suniya katka jhan ho hi to angri ma guana hai. Now it is possible to increase the speed of your hands, you should think about it. Radda bana au bera-bera chatwarat ra. Fear of thorn-khuti of Chatwar’s new Rakhe Maa Antaji can be reneged in the darkness of night. Every symbol of happiness and sorrow. If you know your happiness, let it be sorrowful. The first le jaanba nai hovay uduk le aaye aaye attack aise lagathe’s sorrows all over the world are shared with us, aise nohay yela blindyari, anjori pak-making attackers have been warned.

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How to walk, aise, say, say, who thinks, sells a new life in a new life. Emma is our mistake. It is important to know the Radda Haway Ella of Katka Sughghar Siyani. Sabo jaga ke sian mankhe apna-apna seti buta tiare barobar name dharam la sikho ke rakh ke rise karate raithen tekere seti haman jeet-jagat havan. Atkech ma havay ke sabo jinnies of jingee’s sambo jinnies ke akkal ghalo distribute havay mankhe bane ke first abbad sochin hohin hai ye ghallo lagathe kabar’s jaga, it is necessary to keep ghalo dhere tied.

Dekh darbe kahun bhuniya ma, kahun pani mat kahun agas ma nihar ke dekh sabo aapne cha ma nai rahaaye, take each other seti banae rakhhen seti banech ke seti hari.
Karuksa ghalo he te sweet-sweet bring sakelit rihan kahibe te baat nai banaye. Ra, tiyari rakhe rahibe te dukh pira jada nai jianaye. Mercury served, lara-a little, brother-nephew, aman, misery, Peera’s leader’s tola, be patient, and Kabar’s Kabar’s, all the world is hot, today there is happiness in the world. It is very important to know and know about everyone. Sab Dharam has become, the one who makes all the four folds, Dhyan Dhare Rathe, which one, which one is coming, you know Ola.

Ede kalech ke baat hari aise kehe ma katka sughghar lagathe. I got my sanskar hai. Keep your heart alive. Ekangu rehe ma new banay. Everyone wanted to be respected. Everyone wanted to wake up, everyone wanted to understand. The creator of the world, Leela, is incomparable.

Ek Jaga Sabo Dharam’s mind-blowing thinking and thinking, why is it necessary to walk and run? Thorko khab dab hote take ma kiise alkar lage la dhar lethe ela sabo jhan anabho karathen fer rose rose ma aanhi le kanhi jhan hovay ela it is always necessary to keep my peace in peace. The coming and going of the Kabar, the coming and going of the jinnig ma nistar rithe rathee.

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