Can vaccination lead to more deadly corona variants? Know what experts say

University Park (USA). Vaccines can affect how the corona virus develops, but this may not be a reason for you not to be vaccinated. A 2015 research paper on chicken virus showed that vaccines may be able to spread more lethal forms of the virus to poultry, but this result is rare. Human and animal vaccines have affected the origin of the virus only in a few cases.

In most of those cases, the virus did not increase the severity of the disease. There is a hypothetical fear that COVID-19 vaccines may result in more harmful variants of the virus, but this is no reason to avoid vaccination. Rather, it shows the need to continue the development of vaccines.

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In the year 2015 my colleagues and I published a scientific paper about chicken virus which you probably never heard about. At the time, it received some media attention and was cited by other scientists in later years. But now, by the end of August 2021, the letter has been viewed more than 350,000 times and 70 percent of them read it in the last three weeks. It has also appeared on a YouTube video which has been viewed by 28 lakh people and this trend continues.

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Some people are spreading the fear through this research paper that Kovid-19 vaccines will lead to the development of even more variants. Doctors have told me that patients are using this paper to justify their decision not to get vaccinated. Some people are also using it to end vaccination campaigns.

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Our research paper does not justify the anti-vaccine stance. If it causes people to choose not to vaccinate, it is a misinterpretation. Avoiding vaccination will cause harm. A new study estimates that by the beginning of May 2021, vaccines could have saved about 140,000 people in the US from dying.

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For more than twenty years I have been working with colleagues and colleagues on how vaccines can affect the growth of viruses and disease-causing bacteria such as malaria, but in the context of the COVID-19 virus, our work poses a pertinent question. Indicates: whether vaccination can lead to the emergence of even more harmful forms.

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In a 2015 paper, we reported experiments with variants of ‘Marek’s disease virus’. This virus was named ‘Chicken virus’ on which we were studying. It is a herpesvirus that causes cancer in domestic poultry. Poultry infected with Marek’s disease virus became capable of spreading the virus after 10 days. In experiments done in our lab, we worked on a form of the Marek disease virus that was so lethal that it could kill all unvaccinated birds in 10 days or less.

So those birds died before the vaccine, but we found that the first generation vaccine saved the birds from dying. In the case of COVID-19, it is becoming increasingly clear that even vaccinated people can become infected with and spread the delta form.

If more lethal forms of the coronavirus do arise, lower vaccination rates will make them easier to detect and control as uninfected people will face more severe infections and higher mortality rates. But this kind of ‘solution’ will prove to be very costly. In fact, if the forms are sought and eliminated, allowing people to become ill, many people will die.

The forms of the virus may have reduced the benefits of vaccination, but have not completely eliminated the benefits. Evolving variants of the virus is not a reason to avoid vaccination.

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