Black creepy thing seen peeping from a hundred year old grave, the scream of the person came out on seeing it

Sometimes such a sudden incident happens to a person, which he never expected. These events are directly related to the other world. Although there is a debate about whether there are ghosts or not, but despite this many people believe that there is another world. On social media, a person living in California, USA shared one such paranormal activity with evidence.

37-year-old Joel made a video of this incident and shared it on the social media platform Tiktok. People were surprised to see this video. In this video, the person recorded a hundred-year-old grave. Human hair was visible coming out of this grave. Seeing human hair coming out of a hundred-year-old grave, the person screamed. He could not understand how this could happen. And if the hair was already out of the grave, how could no one else notice it in a hundred years?

human hairs in 100 year old graveyard

The grave from which the hair had come out was made of cement. The man caught sight of the crack in its edges. Hair had come out from these cracks. The man cried after seeing this. The man’s voice was trembling in the video. The video has been viewed thousands of times so far. Whoever saw the video, his senses were blown away. However, many people wrote that it is not human hair. Maybe there will be a tree near the grave, whose roots seem to be thrown out.

human hairs in 100 year old graveyard

At the same time, Joel said about the video that he later saw this thing from nearby also. It was really human hair. It seems to him that the squirrel might have pulled the body’s hair out of the grave. The most horrifying thing is that when Joel went back there the next day, he found that the hair had been buried inside the grave. This video was also shared many times.

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