BJP’s star campaigner, Bengal’s ‘Lord Hanuman’ commits suicide, family denies NRC angle

New Delhi. BJP The star campaigner of Nibhas Sarkar committed suicide on Thursday afternoon at Ranaghat in Nadia district. His pictures as Lord Hanuman had surfaced while campaigning for BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Nibhas Sarkar Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) There were also activists and Jatra artists. BJP’s West Bengal unit president Dilip Ghosh had posted a photo of Nibhas campaigning for BJP in Ranaghat on Twitter during the Lok Sabha elections 2019, after which he became very popular on social media.

suicide at home
The Mandal President of Bagula, Tapas Ghosh, came to know of his death through the brother of Nibhas Sarkar. Tapas Ghosh says, ‘On Thursday afternoon, Nibhas went to the bathroom at home. After a few minutes, he came out with a vial in his hand and told his brother Pralab that he had consumed poison. Because he has become unhappy with his life. After this he was being taken to the hospital in Krishnanagar, but he died on the way. According to Ghosh, it is a family matter. Nibhas’s son is a doctor in Udaipur.

Refusal to accept NRC as reason behind suicide
Nibhas Sarkar was a resident of Ranaghat in West Bengal, but shifted with his family to Udaipur in Rajasthan. After the suicide of Nibhas, there was a discussion on social media that he had committed suicide on the matter of NRC, but his brother Pralab has clearly said that there is nothing like this.

Campaigned for MP Jagannath
Nibhas Sarkar had campaigned for the sitting BJP MP Jagannath Sarkar in Ranaghat during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The Jagannath government has condoled the death of Nibhas and called him a big BJP supporter. He said that we both knew each other very well. He campaigned for me as Lord Hanuman. It is just a rumor that he has committed suicide in the NRC case. Dilip Ghosh has also denied this.

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