Big meeting of G-7 countries on Afghanistan crisis today, Taliban will get recognition or ban

New Delhi. An important meeting of the leaders of the G-7 countries is going to be held on Afghanistan. In this meeting, a decision can be taken on whether to officially recognize the Taliban rule in Kabul or to ban it. The meeting will be organized virtually. After the Taliban occupation of Kabul on the 15th of August, America’s allies are looking towards Washington, while foreign diplomats say that there is a need for mutual cooperation in the G-7 meeting on the issue of Afghanistan. Can also be discussed.

As President Ashraf Ghani fled the country between the week-long capture of Kabul by the Taliban and the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, foreign governments are skeptical about the situation in Afghanistan and the evacuation of large numbers of people from Afghanistan. The exodus has started.

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– A European diplomat said the G-7 leaders could agree on mutual cooperation, as well as decide when to recognize the Taliban and that all countries could also promise to work together.

Let us tell you that the G-7 countries are currently headed by Britain. In fact, the presidencies of the G-7 countries keep changing over time. These groups include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the US.

– According to, the leaders of the US, Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Canada and Japan are using this opportunity to jointly give official recognition to the Taliban or by imposing fresh sanctions on the Taliban to promote women’s rights and international relations. Can be forced to respect.

Earlier, in the agreement made by former US President Trump, Washington had said that the Taliban is not recognized as a state.

At the same time, Britain is trying to persuade global leaders to impose fresh sanctions on the Taliban. Britain believes that the G-7 countries can impose economic sanctions on the Taliban, and can also stop economic aid to Afghanistan, if the Taliban violates human rights and Afghan soil becomes a refuge for terrorists against other countries.

Sources said that the G-7 leaders can also demand an extension of the deadline for the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan. In fact, President Joe Biden has set a deadline of August 31 for American troops to leave Kabul. In such a situation, the leaders of the G-7 may demand to increase it, so that the US and other countries get time to evacuate Afghans and their citizens from Afghanistan and shift them to other places. In fact, the US and its allies are also driving those Afghans out of Kabul, who have helped American and NATO forces in Afghanistan during the last 20 years.

Sources said the leaders of the G-7 group could promise mutual consultation and cooperation on any sanctions on the Taliban, from resettlement of refugees to fears of attacks by Islamic State group militants. can do.

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