Biden’s new strict ‘action plan’, weekly Kovid investigation mandatory in companies

Washington. US President Joe Biden has announced a new ‘action plan’ in the war against the Delta variant. In the White House speech on Thursday, he issued strict orders regarding vaccination (Covid-19 Vaccination) to wearing masks and booster doses in the country. Biden has also reprimanded American citizens who have not received the vaccine. He said that your ‘denial has cost everyone.’

He said, ‘We are going to protect all the vaccinated employees from the employees who have not received the vaccine.’ Experts say Biden, who initially seemed reluctant to implement the mandate, is now moving more aggressively than any president in modern history. They have made it clear that all federal employees and contractors are required to be vaccinated. In private companies, where there are 100 or more employees, weekly testing or vaccination is necessary. Under this, company owners will have to give paid leave to employees for vaccination.

The President made it necessary to vaccinate about 17 million health workers posted in hospitals, clinics and other places. Negative Covid test or proof of vaccination is required in large stadiums, concert halls and places used for large events. He has said that masks will continue to be worn on interstate travel and in federal buildings. Also, Biden has ordered that passengers other than air, train and passengers who refuse to wear masks will be fined double. During the speech, he criticized millions of citizens who did not take the vaccine. He said, ‘We have been patient, but our patience is getting weaker and we all have to pay the price for your refusal.’

The President also reprimanded those who did not wear masks during air travel. He said, ‘If you break the rules, be ready. And yes show some respect. It is being said that after these orders of Biden, there may be more pressure due to vaccination and testing policies in private business, states and schools. During this, he also took steps to strengthen the businessmen financially. According to the new plan, loans to small businesses affected by the epidemic will be increased from $ 5 million to $ 2 million.

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