Biden warns Taliban – ‘If we stop or attack our work, we will get a befitting reply’

Washington. US President Joe Biden has openly warned the Taliban. He has said that if American forces are attacked or the process of evacuating people at Kabul Airport is disturbed, then it will get a ‘strong’ answer. At the same time, Biden has also made it clear that his administration is focusing on the counter-terrorism mission. In this work, he is accompanied by his colleagues present in the area. America has continuously accelerated the process of giving entry to Afghan citizens in the country.

During a White House news conference, Biden said, “We have made it clear to the Taliban that any attack, any attack on our forces or any disturbance to our ongoing operations at the airport will be responded to immediately and vigorously.” He informed that Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken met with NATO allies on Friday. During this important discussions were held about Afghanistan.

He said Blinken discussed strategies to prevent Afghanistan from being used as a base for terrorists to launch terrorist attacks against the United States or its allies. For this work, the US President has discussed with his counterparts in Britain, Germany and France in the last few days. During this, he has talked about holding the G-7 meeting again.

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He said that we all agreed that we should convene a meeting of the G7, the grouping of the world’s leading democracies, next week and we will. Regarding the withdrawal of American troops to Afghanistan, he told that America has completed its ‘mission’ there by eliminating Al Qaeda. “When Al Qaeda is gone, what will be our interest in Afghanistan on this occasion we went to capture Osama bin Laden as well as get rid of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan,” he said. And we did it.’

The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan had started since February last year. Since then, after nearly two decades in the country, the Taliban again intensified the exercise. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is to be completed by 31 August 2021. At the same time, the Taliban, who returned to power, is now preparing to announce the leadership. However, the name of the head of Afghanistan under Taliban rule has not yet been announced.

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