Biden said – will consider the ban against Taliban on the basis of his antics

Washington. Since the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan after 23 years, all the countries are engaged in making their strategy regarding the Talibani government. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden on Sunday refused to rule out possible sanctions against the Taliban. Biden said the ban against the Taliban would be decided based on his actions. Biden said it depends on the conduct of the terrorist group, which has given several assurances after forcibly changing the democratically elected government in Kabul.

When Biden was asked in the Roosevelt Room if he would support sanctions against the Taliban under certain conditions, he said the answer was yes. It depends on the behavior. Biden also said that the US has expanded the safe zone around Kabul International Airport. He said he is in discussion with US military officials about extending the return mission beyond the August 31 deadline.

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The Taliban have captured all of Afghanistan’s major towns and cities, including the capital Kabul, as US forces withdraw from the country after two decades.

Trying to take advantage of the terrorist situation
Joe Biden said during a press conference at the White House that there are discussions going on between us and the military about expansion, our hope is that we will not have to expand. Biden said, ‘We know that terrorists can try to take advantage of the situation. They can target innocent Afghans or American soldiers. We are on a constant vigil to monitor and intercept threats from any source, including from ISIS and an Afghan ally named ISIS-K.

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US NSA warns Taliban
Earlier on Sunday, US National Security Adviser (NSA) Jake Sullivan said that if the Taliban obstruct evacuation operations from Kabul airport, Washington would give an immediate and tough response to the Taliban. NSA Sullivan told NBC News that if Americans are barred from entering an airport or prevented from leaving the country or disrupting our operations or interfering in any way with the withdrawal of our troops, So we have explained to them (the Taliban) that then they will get a swift and vigorous reply.

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