Biden got a booster dose against Kovid, said – those who do not take the vaccine are harming the US

Washington. The process of applying booster dose against Kovid-19 has started in America. President Joe Biden also received the third dose on Monday. During this, he also reprimanded the citizens refusing to take the vaccine and said that they are harming the country. At present, booster doses are being given to people over 65 years of age in the US.

Biden received the third dose of Pfizer at the White House under the recently issued guidelines regarding health. He joked, ‘I know, it doesn’t look like that, but I am over 65 years old.’ Apart from the age group, adults suffering from serious health problems are also being given the third dose against Kovid.

Biden said that the trouble is that many Americans are still refusing to take the first dose of the vaccine, which is increasing the cases of the delta variant. He said that 77 percent of American citizens had received the vaccine, but this is not enough. Whereas, a quarter are still refusing to take the vaccine. The President appealed to everyone to take the vaccine.

“These minorities are causing great harm to us and the rest of the country,” he said. Biden said, ‘Please, do the right thing.’ The President received the first dose of Pfizer last December and the second in January. He informed last week that about 60 million people in America are eligible for Pfizer booster dose. He had said that those who have received the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be able to take a booster dose once the study is completed.

He expressed the possibility that soon all Americans will be eligible for the vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday that the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson boosters would be assessed “in the coming weeks”.

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