At Delhi airport, husband’s open secret of going to Thailand, wife became furious, refused to go to Dubai

New Delhi: A strange case has come to the fore in the national capital of the country, Delhi. The entire plan of a businessman going to Dubai with his wife was revealed at the IGI airport here. After this there was a dispute between husband and wife at the airport. Actually, the husband had gone on a Thailand tour secretly from his wife twice. But both of those tours were revealed in front of the wife, because the businessman had not told the wife about going to Thailand twice.

Actually, before going to Thailand, the husband had told his wife that he was going on a business tour in India itself. But in the immigration check at the airport, it was revealed that he had not gone to India on a business tour. Rather he went to Thailand. After this, the wife made a mess at the airport itself.

what will you tell me by sitting apart
According to the information, the businessman is a resident of Varanasi. The matter is on Saturday night around 9 pm. He came along with his wife to get his clearance at the immigration counter. During the passport check, immigration officials found that two pages were torn in it. When the businessman was asked about it, he told that there is no information about it. Somebody must have torn it. Then after examining the two torn pages, the immigration officials found that the businessman had gone to Thailand twice before. When asked the reason for this, the businessman tried to convince the officials that he wanted to make his wife sit on the other side and talk about it. But on hearing this, the wife got furious. She told her husband that what will you tell me by sitting separately. Tell me in front of me.

Businessman once went from Kolkata to Thailand
But when she came to know about her husband going to Thailand twice, she got furious. She refused to go to Dubai with her husband. On the other hand, because the passport was tampered with, the matter was reported to the airport police. In the case, the police have registered a case under the Passport Act. During the investigation in the case, it was found that the businessman had gone to Thailand once from Kolkata and the second time from Banaras.

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