Angered by AUKUS agreement, France recalls ambassadors from America and Australia

Washington. France is very angry about the new military agreement between America, Britain and Australia. Angered by the AUKUS agreement, France has diplomatically withdrawn its ambassadors from America and Australia. Let us tell you that the AUKUS agreement has ended the $ 43 billion agreement between France and Australia. Angered by the AUKUS agreement, France accused US President Joe Biden of stabbing him in the back, saying he was behaving like former President Donald Trump.

This is not the first time that there have been differences between France and America over an issue. Similar differences have been seen between the two countries, from many global issues to the time of the Iraq War in 2003. Despite the differences between the two countries many times, Paris never called back its ambassadors from Washington. Given the displeasure of France, it is difficult to predict when the ambassador will return to America and Australia.

French officials have already canceled a ceremony to celebrate French-American relations in Washington and Baltimore this week. No information has been received about what steps France will take diplomatically, but the way France has called its ambassadors from America and Australia, it is clear that France is not going to forget this matter easily.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday announced an agreement with US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to build a nuclear-powered submarine in Australia. Let us tell you that AUKUS has also terminated the $ 43 billion agreement between France and Australia. Through this agreement, France was going to give 12 nuclear-powered submarines to Australia. In 2019, this deal was celebrated as the agreement of the century with France. At the same time, now French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has described it as a stab in the back.

What is AUKUS Agreement?
The US and Australia announced a new trilateral security alliance ‘AUCUS’ (AUKUS) for the strategically important region, amid China’s growing influence in the Indian Pacific, to protect their shared interests and avoid nuclear energy. Better share defense capabilities, including helping Australia acquire powered submarines. China’s displeasure over this is not surprising, but France and the European Union have also reacted to this alliance, complaining that they were not only excluded from this alliance, but also discussed with them. Also not done.

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