American real estate tycoon convicted of killing best friend, shocking story unfolded

Los Angeles. Billionaire real estate tycoon Robert Durst in America has been found guilty of murdering his own best friend Susan Berman. The businessman murdered a friend in the house of Beverly Hill in the year 2000. He was stopping him from talking to the police after his wife went missing.

HBO’s documentary “The Jinx” has also been made on Robert Durst. Although he always denied this murder. He will now be sentenced on October 18 and will probably have to spend the rest of his life in jail without parole.

Why murder?
The public prosecutor said that he had killed crime writer Burman in 2000. Because the New York police wanted to question the swelling about the disappearance of Robert’s wife. His wife was missing for two decades. Robert didn’t want to let him talk to the police.

After that he shot the friend. Actually, the police suspected that Robert was behind the disappearance of his wife. Robert always denied Soojan’s murder, but admitted that he had sent an anonymous letter to the police telling him that there was a dead body in his home in Beverly Hill.

Robert is one of the richest and most influential people in New York and was never charged in the wife’s case. But he was arrested from a hotel room in New Orleans in March 2015, shortly after the final episode of his documentary The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst was about to air.

In this last episode he is heard murmuring to himself, in which he is saying that you have been caught, you have definitely killed everyone. Actually, Robert had forgotten that his microphone was on while going to the restroom.

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