American general is not happy with the current situation in Afghanistan, said – 242 soldiers lost in 20 years

Washington. 20 years since the last US Army ship took off from Afghanistan on August 31 The ongoing war with the Taliban in Afghanistan It’s over. Remembering what happened in Afghanistan in the last 20 years, the American general has now expressed his anger and pain. After the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, Taliban fighters have once again occupied Afghanistan. On this whole incident, now US Chief of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley said, when we remember the last 20 years, both anger and pain arise in us. The way we have lost 242 of our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last 20 years is disturbing.

tell that US military withdrawal from Afghanistan After this, the kind of situation that arose in Afghanistan, the decision of US President Joe Biden is being criticized a lot. However, the Biden administration has dismissed all criticism and made it clear that the decision they have taken has been taken completely after careful consideration. Let us tell you that former US President Donald Trump, along with many Republican leaders, officials from Russia and China have also criticized Joe Biden’s decision.

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The way the US forces have returned amidst the occupation of Afghanistan by the Taliban is considered by some to be a big mistake of the Biden administration. Former US President Donald Trump had said, the way Joe Biden has called American troops from Afghanistan is not the withdrawal of the army, but America’s surrender to the Taliban.

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General Mark Milley told a Pentagon news conference, “We don’t know what the future of the Taliban will be, but I can say from personal experience that it is a brutal group.” Whether this group brings about change within itself is yet to be seen. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the US was in no hurry to recognize the Taliban’s rule. He said that after the changed situation in Afghanistan, all the countries that America has talked to do not appear in any hurry. He said that the kind of behavior the Taliban adopts in the coming times will depend on what other countries think about the Taliban.

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