America: Woman trapped in eight inches thin space between two buildings, people were surprised when she came out

california. In Santa Ana, California, USA, a woman got trapped in an eight-inch-thin space so that it was impossible for her to get out. When people heard the voice of a woman screaming for help from the middle of the wall of two buildings, they were surprised. After this the police and fire department team reached the spot and started the rescue operation to save the woman. A woman trapped in a space just 8 inches thin between two buildings in California, USA, was rescued by rescue workers. Although the woman was pulled out safely by rescuers after two hours of hard work, the woman was without clothes at the time of the incident.

According to information given by the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) in Santa Ana, they received information about the incident at around 2 pm. As soon as the information was received, the team reached the spot. The team was told that a woman’s voice was coming from inside the wall. When OCFA rescuers saw a hole in the wall, they were shocked. The gap between the two buildings was about 8 inches. A loud sound was coming from this gap itself. Although no one was able to understand how the woman entered the 8-inch space?

The members of the rescue team said that a large part of the building had to be broken to get the woman out, only then she was able to come out. The details of how the woman reached there has not been revealed yet. A video of the rescue operation has been posted on Twitter by the Fire Authority, which shows how the woman could be pulled out after a two-hour struggle.

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The woman has been sent to the hospital for treatment, although the mystery still remains that how did this woman get trapped there? Police officers are talking about investigating this matter. OCFA Captain Than Nguyen said that it is a mystery for all of us right now, how that woman got trapped there. He said that these questions are answered, full information will be given.

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