America will give Rs 470 crore aid to Afghanistan, said this about Taliban

Washington. After the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban has formed an interim government. Now America has taken an important decision regarding Afghanistan. America will help the people of Afghanistan financially. The US said that it is ready to provide humanitarian assistance of $ 64 million (about Rs 470 crore) to Afghanistan. Along with this, the ground situation of this country will be further assessed and further help will be considered in future.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thompson-Greenfield has said that the situation in Afghanistan is very serious. Greenfield called on the Taliban to uphold its commitments at the Humanitarian Conference on Afghanistan in Geneva and referred to reports of it (the Taliban) obstructing aid delivery.

Afghan policemen will return to Kabul, Taliban fighters will be transferred to other provinces

UN will also give 2 crores
Apart from the US, the United Nations has also announced a grant of 20 million US dollars to support the humanitarian campaign in Afghanistan. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said people in the war-torn country were facing perhaps their most dangerous time after decades of suffering and insecurity. Now is the time for the international community to stand by him. He also said that the people of Afghanistan are in urgent need of food, medicine, health services, safe water, sanitation and security.

Work stalled in the country, lack of cash
More than half of Afghanistan’s population relied on humanitarian aid even before the arrival of the Taliban, but since the arrival of the Taliban, the number of people dependent on aid has increased. Businesses have come to a standstill in the country and there has been a severe shortage of cash. Due to which people are forced to sell their household items. People say that they do not even have money to eat, so they are selling the things kept in the house by bringing them in the market. It is allowed to withdraw $ 200 per week from the banks of the country, but for that people have to make a lot of effort by standing in long lines.

Inflation, fictitious marriages and Bollywood ban… Afghans told how life is going under Taliban rule

Taliban made Global Terrorist Home Minister
In talks with the world community, the Taliban promised to form an inclusive government, which agreed to include minorities and Afghan politicians. But when it announced the internal government last week, it proved to be false. The Taliban have not formed an inclusive government. What is even more surprising for the world is that people of the terrorist organization Haqqani network have been included in this government. Global terrorist Sirajuddin Haqqani has been made the Home Minister.

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