America will give highest civilian honor to Mahatma Gandhi, resolution re-introduced in Parliament

Washington. Efforts have intensified in America to get Mahatma Gandhi the highest civilian honor there. An influential US lawmaker on Friday again introduced a resolution in the US House of Representatives to posthumously honor Mahatma Gandhi with the prestigious Congressional Gold Medal. The Congressional Gold Medal is the highest civilian honor in America.

Congress member Carolyn B Meloni from New York, while presenting a resolution in this regard in the House of Representatives, said, ‘Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent and historic Satyagraha campaign of protest inspired the nation and the world. His example encourages us to dedicate ourselves to the service of others.’ Let us tell that this honor has been received by George Washington, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa and Rosa Parks.

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Meloni said, “Be it Martin Luther King Jr’s campaign for racial equality or Nelson Mandela’s fight against apartheid, campaigns around the world have drawn inspiration from him (Gandhi).” As a public servant, I am inspired everyday by his courage and his ideals. Let us follow Gandhi’s instruction that the change you want to see in the world, first bring that change in yourself.

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