America trying to shift the world’s attention from Afghanistan to China through the QUAD meeting!

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After the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden, surrounded by questions, is once again trying to bring the attention of the world to China. Biden’s image has also been damaged by the increased cases of Kovid in America. Most of the cases are such in which people have to be hospitalized. On the one hand, even after a large part of the population eligible for vaccination has been vaccinated in America, the continuous increase in cases of corona is becoming a cause of concern. Even after the increasing cases of Kovid, America has called a meeting of the Heads of State of the Quad countries. It will also include the Prime Ministers of Australia, India and Japan.

The conference to be held on September 24 was announced in March this year when the Quad conference was held for the first time. During this, the leaders of the four countries had come forward with concrete proposals. During the meeting of four important leaders of the Indo-Pacific region – President Biden, PM Narendra Modi, PM Yoshihide Suga and PM Scott Morrison, America will try to shift the world’s attention from Afghanistan to China.

What did India say before the departure of PM Modi?
Before PM Modi’s departure to America, Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla said, ‘This is the first multilateral partnership of President Biden. This is a sign that the Quad is on the priority list for the Biden administration. The Quad is a partnership between four like-minded countries working for an open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region.

Ahead of the Quad Summit, India and Australia held a 2+2 meeting in which the Defense and Foreign Ministers of both the countries spoke separately. Both sides focused on China, reiterating the need for a free, open, inclusive and rules-based Indo-Pacific region. However, both countries also say that the purpose of the Quad is not to go against China. In the Shangri La Dialogue in 2018, PM Modi had said, ‘India does not consider the Indo-Pacific region as a strategy or a club of limited members. Nor as a group that wants to dominate. And we do not consider it against any country in any way. The PM’s statement came after the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that it (Quad) should not target any third party.

Australia has also clarified
Australia has also recently clarified its position regarding China. Foreign Minister Maris Payne said the Quad was not against China. However, he also said that no power can bet in the Indo-Pacific.

In the past, Britain, America and Australia have announced a new trilateral security alliance ‘Aukus’ (AUKUS) for the strategically important region, amid China’s growing influence in the Indian Pacific, so that they can protect their common interests. and better share defense capabilities, including helping Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines. After becoming the Ocus, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, ‘We oppose those acts that are creating conflict and division, undermining the international order.’

When former UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab visited India in December 2020, he spoke of Britain’s Indo-Pacific leanings. According to senior US administration officials, Quad Kovid will focus on climate, economic investment and technology. (with language input)

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