America: The man was creating a ruckus in the flight, the cabin crew tied the seat with tape

Miami. A 22-year-old passenger created a ruckus on a Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami. The situation came to such an extent that the personnel had to tie the young man to the seat with the help of tape. It is reported that he had misbehaved with two flight attendants and attacked the face of one. However, even after being tied with tape, he did not calm down and continued to make noise. Some videos related to the incident are going viral on social media.

On Sunday, American man Maxwell Barry was detained at Miami International Airport. In a video that has gone viral, Barry is seen raising his hand on a male worker. During this he is making a lot of noise. Along with this, the sound of laughing of passengers is coming. It is further seen in the video that some male personnel came and tied Barry to the seat with the help of tape.

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The special thing is that investigation has also started against airlines workers. During this, Frontier had announced the suspension of the crew. After this decision of the company, a new ruckus has arisen. The company says that the crew “did not follow the correct policies to detain passengers”. However, after mounting protests, the company withdrew the statement and said that as per the rules, the employees have been sent on paid leave pending investigation.

According to the NPR report, incidents of violence against flight crew have increased in recent months, due to which many airlines have banned the sale of alcohol on the flight. In the report, quoting the Federal Aviation Administration, it was written that in the 6 months of 2021, 3 thousand 271 cases related to nuisance of passengers have been reported. These include 2 thousand 475 incidents where passengers refused to follow the rule of masks.

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