America: Osama bin Laden’s letter surfaced, in 2010, this warning was given about Biden …

Washington. US President Joe Biden is being criticized continuously after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the occupation of the Taliban there. It is being said that this decision of his will bring a new crisis not only for Afghanistan, but also for America. Meanwhile, in a report, a letter written by Al Qaeda Chief Osama bin Laden during 2010 has come to the fore. It has been claimed that in this letter, bin Laden had mentioned about Biden becoming president. Also, it was said that Biden himself will create a lot of problems in front of America. Osama believed that Biden would prove to be an incompetent president.

In fact, after the 9/11 attack, America attacked Afghanistan to take revenge on bin Laden and Al Qaeda. During the war, bin Laden never came into the hands of America. After 10 years i.e. on 2 May 2011, the US found him in Abbottabad, Pakistan and killed him in a secret military operation. Earlier in 2010, bin Laden wrote a 48-page long letter to a man named Sheikh Mahmood. According to media reports, in this letter, Osama had warned his organization Al Qaeda not to target Joe Biden. Osama believed that if something happened to the then President Barack Obama, his successor (Joe Biden) would put America in great trouble.

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According to the information, the date of May 2010 is written on this letter. In this letter, 9/11 mastermind Osama wrote that he did not plot any way to kill Biden, because he believed that Biden was not fully prepared to handle America. Bin Laden wrote on page 36 of the 48-page letter that he wanted to prepare two squads to attack. One squad will be in Pakistan and one in Afghanistan.

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