America knew Pakistan’s nuclear program, but did nothing, disclosed in the document

Washington. There has been a big disclosure about Pakistan’s nuclear program and plan. According to the current US (United States) government document, the US State Department was fully aware of the uranium enrichment program being run by Pakistan in January 1979 using gas centrifuge technology. Along with this, the US State Department also knew of one of his hideouts in Kahuta.

The National Security Archive, a non-governmental organization challenging government secrecy, released documents from that time, State Department memos and internal memos on Tuesday. Documents show that the Carter administration also did not want to push Pakistan too much as it saw it as a countermeasure to Soviet-partner India.

Harold Saunders, then Assistant Secretary of State for East and South Asian Affairs, and Thomas Pickering, Assistant Secretary of State for International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, Thomas Pickering, wrote to the then Secretary of State Cyrus Vance in January 1979 in this regard. He had said, “Pakistan is moving rapidly and covertly towards building nuclear proficiency, which will probably give it nuclear explosive capability within two to four years.”

Pakistan tested nuclear weapons and made its program public almost 20 years later in 1998, in response to the Pokhran-II tests by India. Pakistan incidentally revealed its nuclear capabilities for the first time in 1974 with Operation Smiling Buddha.

The then US President Carter was faced with a dilemma over Pakistan as the National Security Archive quoted another state telegram from January 1979 as saying, “We (the US under Carter’s care) are leading the revolution in Iran and the growing Soviet influence in Afghanistan.” In view of Islamabad want to be more helpful.

Apart from this, the National Security Archive, referring to Kahuta in the document and without naming them, said that the Pakistanis have a plan of 7,000 units. Pakistan has started construction of buildings to acquire equipment for the plant.

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