America: Joe Biden will present a new policy regarding Corona vaccination for federal employees

Washington. US President Joe Biden will announce on Thursday that millions of federal employees will have to provide evidence that they have received the coronavirus vaccine, aiming to set a role model for employers across the country. Otherwise, they will have to follow rules like regular check-ups, strict adherence to social distancing, wearing of masks and travel restrictions. An official aware of the President’s plan gave this information on the condition of keeping his identity confidential. This plan has not been made public yet. The official said the new mandate is not meant to make the vaccine mandatory for federal workers and that those who decide not to get vaccinated will not be fired.

The purpose of the new policy is to tell that the government, the country’s biggest employer, should try to force the sluggish rate of vaccination, because cases of infection have started increasing due to the delta form. Biden has blamed the rise in cases of the virus on those who have not been vaccinated. Biden said on Wednesday, “What is now a global pandemic is an epidemic of non-vaccination. Please get vaccinated.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs on Monday became the first federal agency to make vaccinations mandatory for its health workers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday reversed guidelines for wearing masks and said it would be mandatory for people who have been vaccinated to wear masks.

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The latest CDC data shows that cases of infection are increasing in Washington DC. New immunization guidelines for federal employees show that Biden’s national vaccination campaign is not progressing as targeted.

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