America has ended Al Qaeda and ISIS, now is the time to leave Afghanistan: Joe Biden

Washington. US President Joe Biden said on Friday that the Kabul airport is under full control and the evacuation of civilians from there is continuing. Addressing a press conference at the White House on the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, he once again reiterated that the time has come to leave this South Asian country.

He said, ‘America worked in Afghanistan for 20 years. Eliminated Al Qaeda and Islamic State, now is the time to get out of here. Along with this, he told that so far 18 thousand people have been evacuated from Afghanistan, while there are still 6000 American soldiers there for relief operations.

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Joe Biden said, “We have evacuated more than 18,000 people from Kabul since July and about 13,000 people since the military airlift operation that began on August 14.” Describing the evacuation mission from Afghanistan as dangerous, the US President said, “It poses great risk to the armed forces and is being conducted in difficult conditions.” I cannot promise what the end result will be.

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Biden described the airlifting of civilians stranded in Afghanistan as one of the biggest and most difficult airlifts in history. “We have about 6000 troops on the ground guarding the runways and providing sea support to the Mountain Division around the airport (in Kabul, Afghanistan) with standing guard and civilian departures,” he said. He added, “We have secured the airport (in Kabul) which allows resumption of not only military flights, but also civilian charters from other countries as well as non-governmental organizations to evacuate civilians and vulnerable Afghans,” he added. .

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Biden expressed concern over the release of Islamic State prisoners held in Afghanistan’s prisons by the Taliban and said these terrorists would prove to be a big threat. On the current situation in Afghanistan, he said that even in this difficult situation, NATO is engaged in work and America has also talked to other allies like Britain and France.

Thousands have yet to be evacuated before the US deadline of August 31 to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. However, now the campaign has gained momentum. A defense official said about 5,700 people, including about 250 Americans, were evacuated from Kabul in 16 C-17 transport planes. In the last two days, around 2,000 people have been evacuated.

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