America: Donald Trump said – Joe Biden completely failed the Afghan policy

Washington. After the rapid capture of the Taliban in Afghanistan, former President Donald Trump has accused current President Joe Biden of completely failing America’s Afghan policy. He surrounded Biden and said that now the Taliban is neither respecting nor fearing America. Trump said that it is a shame that now the Taliban will fly our flag by removing our flag from the US Embassy in Kabul. This is the weakness, incompetence and failure of the entire strategy of the present government.

Trump said soon after the Taliban’s decision to send 5,000 US troops to Kabul after a swift move there said Biden’s foreign policy has always been a complete failure on issues including Afghanistan. It is now known to everyone that Biden cannot withstand extreme pressure. The Defense Secretary of Barack Obama’s tenure, Robert Gates, is saying the same thing. He said that the Biden administration fled from there instead of following the plan we had on Afghanistan. We had made such a plan in which our people, property and embassy would be completely safe. We had planned our return in such a way that even organizations like ISIS never return.

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The situation in Afghanistan has worsened, and with the exception of the capital Kabul, almost most of the major cities have either been captured by the Taliban or are in a position to be captured there. In such a situation, India is not only finalizing the plan to evacuate its citizens from Afghanistan, but is also working on a plan to provide shelter to the minorities there, those working in Indian missions, projects and civil society people.

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