America did not repeat the old ‘mistake’, deactivate hi-tech systems and aircraft before leaving Kabul

Washington. The process of withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan has been completed. Amidst reports of several hi-tech weapons being released, the soldiers have now carried out the final phase with utmost care at Kabul Airport. The military officer informed that the soldiers have disabled all the airplanes, armed vehicles and rocket defense systems present at the airport. The official says that now no one will be able to ‘use’ them.

General Kenneth McKenzie, the head of the Central Command, said that 73 aircraft at Hamid Karzai Airport had been taken out of the army or made useless. He said that the US military took this action in the last phase of the process of evacuating people for the last two weeks. McKenzie said, ‘Those planes won’t be able to fly again… they won’t be able to be operated by anyone.’

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He said that the Pentagon has left behind about 70 armored vehicles. Each of these can cost up to $1 million. These and 27 Humvees have been disabled. The US Army started the operation to evacuate people at Kabul Airport from 14 August. During this, many Afghans, including American citizens working in Afghanistan, were airlifted.

“These vehicles cannot be reused by anyone,” the official said. The US has also given up counter rockets, artillery and mortars (C-RAM systems). They were used to protect the airport from rockets. These systems also played an important role in stopping the rocket fired by Islamic State on Monday. “We continued to use these systems until the very last moment before the last US plane took off,” McKenzie said.

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