America: Chemical leakage in children’s pool in Texas, skin problem in more than 60 people

Texas. A news is coming out from Texas, America, where more than 60 people became victims of infection due to chemical leakage in the children’s pool. All of them had to face skin irritation and difficulty in breathing. 26 people are being treated in nearby hospitals. At the same time, doctors said that 35 people do not need treatment. The amusement park has been closed after the incident. An investigation has begun into the leaks at Six Flags Harbor Splashdown in Spring. The leakage is believed to have involved hypochlorite solution and 35 percent sulfuric acid. Fire officials have said that the leakage involved sulfuric acid and bleach.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said that the air quality in the surrounding area at this time is absolutely good. There are no complaints of chemical leakage. Still people avoid going here. As the New York Post reports, a visitor to the water-park reported that her children complained of irritation while she was in the kiddie pool. He said that I was surprised why he is saying this thing but now my children seem fine.

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Six Flags spokeswoman Sandra Daniels said some people in the park reported skin irritation and difficulty breathing. We vacated the park immediately. People’s safety is first for us. At present, the cause of the incident is being investigated.

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