America caught aliens’ UFO? Strange plane seen on military base, people were stunned!

Scientists have never ruled out the possibility of life on other worlds. Research on aliens is also going on in the world, but at the moment nothing has been done so that it can be confirmed that aliens exist. However, in many cities of the world, claims of aliens having seen UFOs have been coming up at different times. These days once again a video related to UFO is in discussion. In the midst of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to America, people claim that a UFO in America has been caught in the US.

In a video shared on Tiktok, it is being claimed that the strange ship seen in the video is a UFO which has been caught by America. The plane seen in the video is quite different from the rest of the planes. This plane is flat and its design is surprising. In the video, the plane can be seen taking off in a car. With the video, people claim that the place is actually a UFO at American Military Base where a secretly caught UFO has been kept. The person making the video also looks quite surprised. This video has become viral on other social media platforms as well.

  mystery plane on american military base might be UFO

Photo posted by Twitter user Ruben Hoffs (Twitter/@rubenhofs)

Twitter user Ruben Hoffs found out about a lot of research space at the place seen in the video and shared a photo on Twitter and wrote – “Today I saw a video on Tiktok showing a flat bed trailer. Instead of video, I am looking for Helendale Radar Cross Section Facility. But the strange plane that is visible does not seem to be the polycap which is used for calibration. Then what is this!” Ruben has also expressed surprise on this video. On the video shared by Ruben, people are guessing according to their own what that plane is. There are many people who are refusing to accept the UFO theory of aliens. A person named Martin Hooper said – “Looking at its look, it seems that it is an X-47b combat aircraft.”
News18 India is not justifying the claim of this plane being a UFO.

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