America announced the removal of travel ban, Indians should also know the new rules

Washington. The United States has announced the removal of the International Travel Ban due to Coronavirus from the beginning of November. Under the new travel system, people from Britain, European Union and other countries who have got the Kovid Vaccine will be allowed to travel. This decision will also benefit the people looking to go from India to America. At the beginning of the year 2020, with the spread of the virus in China, the US imposed a travel ban.

The White House has given information about this on Monday. The White House’s Kovid-19 Response Coordinator Jeff Jeants says that the biggest weapon at the moment to keep people safe and prevent the spread of the corona virus is the vaccine. Due to the lack of vaccine for children, this rule has been exempted for them. The new rules also do not apply to travel by land from Mexico and Canada.

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What are the rules now?
There is currently no entry in the US to non-US citizens who came to the UK, Europe from 26 Schengen countries without border controls, Ireland, China, India, South Africa, Iran or Brazil 14 days ago. Only US citizens, their families, green card holders and those coming under the national interest exemptions (NIE) were exempted for this, who have come to the EU or UK 14 days ago.

According to reports, airline companies were putting pressure on the US government, but in view of the danger of the rapidly spreading Delta variant, it was not rushed. Under the new rules, airlines will also have to keep the information of passengers to make contact tracing easier.

Recommendation to give booster dose to the elderly, suffering from serious illness in America

Death toll in the US increased by 30%
Although there is a decrease in the cases of corona in America, but the cases of death have increased by 30% during the last two weeks. The effect of the delta variant is getting more on people without vaccination. One out of every 500 infected patients is dying. (with agency input)

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