America: 18 year old boy will go on space journey with Jeff Bezos, history will be made

Kent. On 20 July 2021, a new history is going to be made in the world of space flight. Two such persons will go in the same vehicle who will make a record of the present time. The first record will be the youngest person to go into space. The second record will be the oldest person to go into space. Taking these two people on a space journey is Jeff Bezos, the former CEO of Amazon and founder of the Blue Origin space company. Who will join this flight with his brother Mark Bezos.

On Thursday, July 15, Jeff Bezos announced that he is not taking the winner of the auction of 28 million dollars i.e. 208 crores with him. He selected runner up Oliver Damon for space travel. 18-year-old Oliver will be the youngest person in the world to travel to space. The company said that Oliver paid money for the flight to Blue Origin Company. He is the first customer but the company did not say how much money Oliver bought the ticket for.

On the other hand, 82-year-old Veteran Astronaut Wally Funk is also going on this flight. Who will be the oldest person to go into space. Wally is one of 13 pilots who studied at NASA in the 1960s. Also, Mercury-7 Astronaut was preparing to travel to space, but being a woman, she was not allowed to go to space. Oliver Damen said that I am very excited to feel zero gravity and see the world from above.

Wally Funk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos and Oliver Damon will take off on a New Shepherd rocket on July 20 from the Blue Origin launchpad in western Texas. This flight will be about 10 minutes. Oliver obtained his private pilot’s license last year. He is high school pass. After this, he left his studies for a year for pilot training. He wants to graduate from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Oliver’s father, Jose Damon, is the founder of Somerset Capitan Partners. This company runs an equity firm in the Netherlands. Both father and son are currently in the US, and are preparing for the launch. Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith said that the commercial flight of the New Shepherd with Oliver Damon is beginning. This is a new beginning to take people on the journey of space. Bob Smith said that Blue Origin’s ticket sales or their prices will be revealed after Jeff Bezos’s flight. Jeff Bezos will be the second person in the world to go to space on his rocket. Earlier, Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic has gone on a space trip.

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The youngest astronaut to go into space is Ghermon Titov of Russia. He traveled to space at the age of 25. Ghermon traveled to space four months after Yuri Gagarin. 37 years later, in 1998, 77-year-old John Glenn circumnavigated the Earth with the Space Shuttle Discovery. He was the first American citizen to do so. Blue Origin’s New Shepherd rocket will drop the capsule about 100 km above the Earth. After that it will come back and land. Whereas, the capsule will continue to travel in space. After a while this capsule will land in the desert or sea along with the passengers.

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