Amazing! Corona proof building is being built at a cost of 37 billion, robots will do all the work of virus

The way Coronavirus caused damage to the world, the economy of all countries was shaken. In America (United States), most people lost their lives due to this disease, in such a situation, now this country has prepared a blue print of such a building (World’s First Pandemic Proof Building), which can tease dangerous epidemics like Corona. Will be There will be no entry of viruses and bacteria in this building.

Scientists are constantly doing research to combat the pandemic. Due to this, there are now many ways to avoid the virus from its vaccine. In this connection, such a building is also being constructed in Florida, where after entering, a person will be able to be safe from epidemics. Here the entry of bacteria and viruses will be almost impossible.

Epidemic will not be able to beat
Building developers have started building the world’s first such building, where there will be no way for any epidemic to reach, be it corona. This building will be of 55 floors. To make it 500 million US dollars i.e. 37,72,27,75,000 rupees are being spent in Indian currency. In this building houses and hotels will be made. Everyday necessities will be available here, so that people do not have to go out in difficult times. In such a situation, neither they will have to come out unnecessarily, nor will they be wasted.

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There is no question of virus and bacteria.
The residents of this legacy tower being built in Florida (Florida Pandemic Proof Building) will not even have to go out to the hospital. Here the cleaning work will be entrusted to such robots, which will eliminate the bacteria before they arise. Apart from this, through touchless technology and modern air purification system, the risk of virus will be almost eliminated. There will also be touchless technology to enter the elevator, while the air purifier will continue to purify the air. It is believed that this building will be ready by the year 2024.

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