‘Aliens had tampered with weapons, there could be a third world war!’ Claims of former US military chief

A former US Air Force officer has claimed that once on a military base, aliens tampered with weapons.  (symbolic picture)

A former US Air Force officer has claimed that once on a military base, aliens tampered with weapons. (symbolic picture)

Former US Airforce Officer Robert Salas has made a shocking claim related to aliens which shocked everyone. Now he is going to tell everything to the world by holding a press conference soon.

There is a lot of controversy about the existence or not of aliens. Many experts claim that creatures can exist in other planets, while many people call it just a fantasy. In the midst of this debate, people have often claimed to have seen aliens and their UFOs. But nothing concrete can be said about how much truth there is in these claims. Recently, a former US Military Chief has also made a surprising claim about aliens, which can be a matter of concern for many people.

Former US Airforce Officer Robert Salas was present at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana on 24 March 1967. At that time he was the on-duty commander of an underground launch control facility there. He recently claimed that the ten Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles under his control had suddenly stopped working. Salas claimed that the same thing happened 8 days ago i.e. on 16 March 1967 and the missiles of another Missile Launch Control Facility had stopped working. After this incident, all the military personnel had assumed that this work belonged to the aliens. The aliens tampered with weapons and switched off nuclear weapons and started some missiles. They claim that aliens could have caused the third world war in this way.

ex ameican military chief alien claim

Salas has given information related to the press conference on Facebook. (Photo: Facebook)

Now 4 US Air Force officers including Salas have decided to hold a press conference in which they will reveal the whole matter related to aliens and present some intelligence documents of the government to the media. Through this, he wants to draw the attention of the US Parliament to this matter so that he takes the matter of tampering with weapons by aliens seriously and gets it investigated. On October 19, the National Press Club of Washington DC will hold a press conference. Just a few days ago, a man named Jason Suresi recorded a strange thing hovering over an American air base. He claimed that he was a UFO because it did not look like a human-made vehicle.

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