Alien can break the earth like a peanut if you want, UFO expert’s sensational claim!

Seeing the science fiction of Hollywood, we too often assume that Aliens will come to Earth and we will win in their battle with humans and Aliens and Human War will return silently. However, according to UFO Expert, we should remove this thought from our mind, because these zoology coming from other planet can be hundreds of years ahead of us (Aliens have advanced technology).

Nick Pope has claimed that a fight between humans and aliens will never be in our interest because aliens can crush humans and destroy our beautiful planet in a jiffy. Huh. Their power is such that they can break the earth like a peanut (Aliens could crack Earth) and throw it. Let us tell you that Naik Pope, who made this claim, has been a part of the UFO Investigation Team of the US Defense Ministry.

It’s important to be afraid of aliens
Nike Pope says that we are threatened by creatures living on other planets because their weapons and technology are millions of years ahead of us. They claim that their weapons, using such advanced technology, will be like some magic for us, which will be very difficult to face. Taking his point forward, he has said that we all know that the universe is about 14 billion years old. In such a situation, there will be some civilizations, which must have started one or two billion years before us. Now imagine if we have traveled from bullock cart to space in the last two or three hundred years, then where would the civilization which is billions of years older than us have reached?

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Alien will crack the earth like a peanut
UFO Professor Nike Pope has also said that the civilization which exists earlier in the universe, there may be more people than us. They will not be carrying any 20 or 30 years ahead of technology, they will be millions, millions of years ahead of us. It has also been said in this scary revelation of the Pope that whatever his technology and science will be, it will be only magic for us. They say that what we have found today, they must have discovered it 75 thousand years ago. How easy would it be for such technology to come to our planet and break it like a peanut!

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