After talks in Doha, America said – Taliban will not be judged by words but by deeds

Kabul. After the military withdrawal from Afghanistan, talks between the US and the Taliban took place in Doha for the first time on Saturday and Sunday. After the Doha talks, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said in an official statement that the Taliban will not be judged by their words, but by the actions they have taken.
State Department spokesman Ned Price said an inter-agency delegation from the US spoke with senior Taliban representatives in Doha. Both countries focused on security and terrorism concerns, as well as safe travel for US citizens and our Afghan partners. We also talked about the human rights issue, which includes the meaningful participation of women and girls in all aspects of Afghan society.

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State Department spokesman Ned Price continued, “The two sides also discussed the United States’ provision of stronger humanitarian assistance directly to the Afghan people.” The discussions were clear and professional with the US delegation reiterating that the Taliban will be judged not only by their actions, but also by their words.
‘Taliban ready to form inclusive government’
In Doha, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said the Taliban was ready to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan, but not a selective government. In response to US pressures for an inclusive government in Afghanistan, Shaheen said she had included ethnic minorities in her caretaker government and would soon include women, Khama Press reported.

Shaheen said that the US should respect the wishes of the Afghan people. The remarks came after a Taliban delegation led by Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Motaki met with a US delegation in Doha.

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The US says that the Taliban have largely cooperated in the evacuation of American citizens. According to US officials, there are about 100 people, mainly US citizens of origin in Afghanistan, who have not yet made a decision on leaving Afghanistan.

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