Afghanistan Crisis: US President Biden said – there was no option but to leave Afghanistan, but the mission was successful

Washington. Facing sharp criticism over America’s turbulent return from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden addressed the nation. Twenty-four hours after the last American C-17 aircraft returned from Kabul, Biden strongly defended his decision to end America’s longest war and withdraw all American troops before the August 31 deadline. In his address given at midnight on Tuesday Indian time, the US President said that I believe that ‘this is the right, wisest and best decision’. The war in Afghanistan is now over. I am the fourth president to face the issue of ending the war… I promised Americans to end it and also honored my promise. In a White House speech, he said, ‘I was not going to continue this war forever.’

Biden said that I am taking responsibility for this decision. People say that we should have taken this decision earlier. I do not agree with this because if it had happened earlier then there would have been an atmosphere of anarchy and there would have been a situation of civil war. In such a situation, it could not be left from there without challenge and danger.

He said, ‘This decision regarding Afghanistan is not limited to Afghanistan only. It is also like ending an era of military campaigns to rebuild other countries. Bidney said that what America did in Afghanistan cannot be forgotten.

Praising the airlifting of people from American planes, Biden said that people were evacuated professionally and what we did cannot be forgotten. He claimed that more than 1 lakh 25 thousand people were airlifted.

Will always fight the fight of Afghan people – Biden
Biden said that we had no other option but to leave Kabul. We left Kabul for American interests. The President said that Afghan land should not be used for terror. In the context of global policy, Biden said that we are facing a tough competition from China. Russia is also challenging us. We don’t want to compete with them in Afghanistan. We want to move forward on new paths. Our foreign policy should be in the interest of the country.

Biden said that we will always fight for the rights and human rights of the Afghan people. Our fight of 20 years was very difficult. This proved very costly for America.

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